With the revitalization of Rockford's downtown, the next on the list is Davis Park. It's expected that by giving this once bustling park a facelift it will help grow tourism in the city.

Or at least the hope and belief that the majority of those working with the RACVB.

Their hope is that with the current growth of the sports tourism in the area with the opening of the UW Sports Factory, that revamping the park will help to draw more into the city and ultimately get them to stay in our city.

The overall plans for Davis Park include it being used as "a multi-use trail, riverfront seating, outdoor cafe, rock wall, and even a skate park."

The park renovations will go in stages with the first stage wrapping up in 2017 and the final stage to be finished in 2020.

Phase one will concentrate on "green space - enhancing public access, pedestrian traffic and bikability."

Wow! I think that's pretty exciting. So much is happening downtown, it only makes sense to bring Davis Park into the mix and make it great again.