Discovering a beloved fur baby has gone missing has got to be on the worst feelings in the world. One of my dogs got loose for like 10 minutes once and I was in complete panic mode until I found him, so when we received this message on Facebook last night, I knew I needed to help spread the word.

Kenny Grabow sent us a desperate plea to help find his missing dog Balto that said;

If you guys could help me and my fiance out we lost our dog Monday morning his name is balto he is black and brown with a black stripe down the center of his back he has a brown eye on his left side and a blue eye on his right he is lost from Dakota IL he is very friendly to everyone and everything he is truly missed and any information about him would be appreciated if you guys could help us out our numbers are 865-985-4115 for sierra and 815-238-4746 for Kenny available 24-7 till he is found and there is a $150 reward for his return.

Kenny also included these pictures of Balto, and as you can see, he has some very distinct physical characteristics that will hopefully help with his quick return to his loving owners.

Balto 1
Balto 2
Balto 3

If you live in the Dakota, IL area, please keep a lookout for Balto. He is very loved and very missed.

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