Let's get real here for a minute; we are all spending way too much on screens. We were guilty of it before this pandemic began, and now our screen obsessions are only getting worse, and a lot of times necessary.

My biggest struggle as a parent right now is limiting my daughters' screen time. They want to play Roblox, they want to watch YouTube kids, and Mommy has a lot of work to do and can't be interrupted, soo...screen time it is. This is something I feel guilty about daily, and after reading an article on wifr.comI realize the time to get serious about  technology limits is now.

Many people, especially remote learning students, are beginning to experience symptoms of 'cybersickness' and the condition is a very real problem. SwedishAmerican Dr. William Renk recently explained the condition to WIFR saying;

“It’s when a mismatch occurs between what your vision is saying you’re doing,” Renk said.

Renk says your body sits still when you are using a computer but your eyes engage with what’s happening on the screen constantly moving and adjusting to changes in light.

“But you can have physical symptoms just like in motion sickness nausea, vomiting, headaches, fatigue, feeling unbalanced, wobbling kind of feeling so it’s for sure a real thing.

If you or your child are feeling symptoms of Cybersickness, Dr. Renk says the best thing you can do is take frequent breaks from your devices, make sure you are in a well-lit room while using them, and to stare at a still object when you start feeling nauseous.

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