Come on admit it, you like to watch those cat videos on YouTube or those that creep across your facebook news feed. I know I do.

Well good news! Watching those cute videos have shown to be a cure for negativity.

Yes! Really!

A study reported in Live Science, found that videos of cats doing crazy and cute things have shown to benefit and improve our mental health."They [the videos of cats] enhance our positive feelings, decrease negative emotions and increase our energy."

So, that means when you're having a bad day, a sad day, or just one of those blah days take a cat break and watch a video of them. You'll feel better and then can go on about your day.

I could do that. Heck! I get a kick out of watching my own cat when she's running around the house.You know how cats get on those wild tears and just sprint around.

In fact, if you need a cat pick me up today, here you go.