It looks like football will be returning to Wrigley Field by the year 2020, with hosting Northwestern Big Ten games the top priority.

Chicago Cubs President, Crane Kenney recently told the Chicago Tribune that not only will football coming back to Wrigley Field, but that they "absolutely" intend to host an annual bowl game like Yankee Stadium's yearly "Pinstripe Bowl".

Now, I will admit that I'm not much of a sports follower, but I do remember my husband complaining about the last time football was played at Wrigley which was in 2010 when Northwestern took on the Illini. Space restrictions caused both teams to have to run towards the same endzone along the left field, and he was not a fan of that situation.

So, why do football at Wrigley again? Well, the Cubs administration seems to think it's all about the lure of the city and a beloved ballpark. According to the Chicago Tribune:

Concerts that may not sell out elsewhere sell out at Wrigley," Kenney said. "It's because of the ballpark, Wrigleyville, Chicago, the history. It gives us confidence that a bowl game will succeed here."

That brings us to why the year 2020? Apparently, the massive Wrigley Field and Wrigleyville restorations should be finished by then, so additional events and a bowl game would give the team more chances to show off their awesome "new" home.

What do you think about football returning to Wrigley Field? To find about out more changes that will be made to bring the pigskin back to the Friendly Confines, read the complete Tribune article here.


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