So I'm not one to gossip, (HA!) but after some online snooping, it appears that Chicago Cubs heartthrob Kris Bryant may be tying the knot this weekend. (Insert women crying all over the nation here)

I have a couple points to prove my case:

Number One: After the Cubs won the World Series, Kris Bryant talked to Jimmy Kimmel about his upcoming wedding..


Number Two: A couple weeks ago Bryant shared this adorable dubsmash video on Instagram of him and his "future wifey".

Little throwback with the future wifey!

A video posted by Kris Bryant (@kris_bryant17) on


Number Three: (I do admit searching for this was over the top nosey, but it had to be done), Kris Bryant's Crate & Barrel wedding registry lists the wedding date as January 7, 2017.


Ok, so I do realize that the wedding date listed on the registry could be a bogus one to throw all Bryant's adoring fans off, but I'm thinking all signs are pointing to a newlywed announcement coming this Sunday or Monday. Early congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Bryant from all of us here at Q98.5!


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