Fans will be a little safer at Wrigley beginning next season.

There has been a rash of MLB spectators being injured by foul balls this season, which has lead to the discussion of extending the foul netting farther down the stands.

All teams extended the netting to the end of the bullpen at the beginning of this season but many teams are going even farther. The White Sox were the first team to run the netting all the way to the foul pole and now more teams look like they will be following suit.

670TheScore - The Cubs are in talks now with firms that specialize in the business of engineering protective netting. How far the netting will be extended has yet to be decided, but sources suggested it could extend to about where the old bullpens once existed.

I'm not really sure what is taking these teams so long to pull the trigger on this safety measure. It seems like it just makes financial sense from an insurance standpoint to protect your fans from harm.

There will probably be some grumbling about sightlines and access to players on the field, but just like when hockey put up netting around all their arenas, people will forget about it in a few weeks.

Better late than never on these things, let's just hope everyone stays safe until they are installed for 2020.

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