Here are some crazy things employees have witnessed while working at Walmart

There are several Walmart stores in the Rockford area. I'm sure at some point you have ventured into one.

I always say going to Walmart isn't just shopping, it's an experience. Strange things always happen and you never know what you'll run into.

I've had some interesting jobs in my life, but I don't think I could work retail. Especially at Walmart. I know people who have and they didn't last very long.

Could you imagine the things you would witness as an employee?

From, "Craziest Things Walmart Employees Have Seen at Work."

  • Cereal bowling An older woman driving an electric cart ran over a huge display of cereal. When questioned by an employee about what happened, the woman said she was legally blind. A witness asked her if she was blind, then how did she drive there. The woman immediately took off.
  • Fraud alert - A customer tried to pass a counterfeit $100 bill. It was handmade. The man had made a copy of both sides and stapled them together. It wasn't even cut straight. He tried to tell the cashier that someone slipped it into his wallet.
  • Free bird A bird got into the store and was there for a month. It ended up pooping on and ruining thousands of dollars of merchandise. They finally hired someone to remove it. The bird was gone within 30 minutes.
  • Funky smell - A woman stole a bottle of perfume. She went to the bathroom and poured it into another container. She refilled it with urine. Then took it to customer service to return the bottle. She received a refund.
  • Not laughing - A shopper snuck up behind an employee and started to tickle them.
  • Too much information - Someone urinated on a cart in the middle of an aisle. It sat in the back for months with a sign that read, don't use peed on by a customer.

I think working at Walmart would be a great reality show.

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