It looks like Colin Kaepernick is finally going to get another chance in the NFL.

Kaepernick is a stellar athlete, who was once drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 2009, and it looks like he'll be signed by a team before training camp begins this year.

The question remains, which team though?

BetOnLine believes Kaepernick will either sign with the Los Angeles Chargers or the Baltimore Ravens with no mention of the Chicago Bears.

If you're a Chicago Bears fan, you know the team has trouble at quarterback, Kaepernick's position.

It would make sense, right? The Bears only gave up a 4th round pick for Nick Foles, who is brittle and injury-prone. Then there's Mitch.

Three years later, we're still not sure what we have with Mitch Trubisky, but the trade for Foles should tell you that Chicago Bears' front office isn't in love with Trubisky quite as much as they once were.

That leaves Kaepernick, a mobile quarterback, who would fit into, Bears Head Coach, Matt Nagy's offensive scheme.

Kaepernick is going to play football this year, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is going to make sure of it.

The Chicago Sun-Times summed up Kaepernick potentially signing with an NFL team perfectly, saying "What’s the worst thing that could happen if an NFL team signed Kaepernick? Why don’t we find out?"

Who knows, it might just be with the Chicago Bears.

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