Summertime and country concerts always go hand in hand for me. One of my all time favorites was when country superstar Luke Bryan performed at Rockton's OSD festival in the summer of 2011.

Luke was on the cusp of superstar status at the time. It was shortly after his OSD performance that he achieved that goal. Who was there? Let's reminisce....

Remember when Luke performed "Drinkin' Beer & Wastin' Bullets"?

It was a beautiful summer night and one of the biggest crowds ever for any OSD concert.

Luke pulled this one from his early catalog singing "country man"

"Country Girl (shake it for me)"

Luke's track "We Rode in Trucks" had the Rockton crowd singing along.

Can you spot yourself in the crowd while Luke sings "Faded Away"?

This was a one in a life time show, if you were there and a lot of great summer memories were made and a show to this day everyone talks about

If you are a Luke fan, you don't want to miss your chance to see Luke in Arlington, Texas, all expenses paid.