If you're walking through the grocery store and see a penny lying on the floor, do you pick it up? What if it's a quarter? How much money has to be there for it to be worth bending over and picking it up?

Well, even if it's only a penny, you better go ahead and pick it up because if it's one of these collectible coins it could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Little Pieces of Copper Worth $100,000 to $3 Million

There are a handful of pennies that are worth way more than just a few cents, but they have to be the correct year and in pristine condition.

According to the Spruce Crafts website, there are more than a dozen pennies that are extremely rare and can bring in an insane amount of money if sold to the right collector.

Since the Lincoln penny is what most collectors started with, the pennies hold a "special place in almost every coin collector's heart, demand for high-quality coins can drive the value through the roof."

Check Your Coins for These Extremely Valuable Pennies

A penny that sold at a Chicago auction in 2014 went for $258,000 and is 1 of only 1,194 that were ever minted. According to Spruce Crafts, the 1909 VDB Matte Proof Lincoln Penny is coveted because it has "all three of the coin designer's initials: VDB."

The 1958 Double Die Obverse Cent is known as "the most exceedingly rare and intriguing Lincoln cents" with only 3 of these pennies in existence. In March of 2018, one of these pennies sold at auction for $336,000.

The holy grail of pennies is the 1943-D Lincoln Bronze Cent which reportedly had fewer than 20 in circulation from the Philadelphia and San Francisco mints. In 2010, the penny sold in a private sale for $1,700,000.

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