If you need to have your faith in humanity restored then watch what these coffee shop customers have done for over 25 weeks.

They've paid, or rather, poured it forwards with drinks.

ABC7 Chicago reports the The Rev It Up Espresso customers in Sturgis, S.D. have been paying forward for coffee purchases since last September. Yes, that's over 25 weeks and over 3,500 customers have participated in this act of kindness.

The owner, "Michael Smith says the good will phenomenon started last year when a someone paid for one regular customer's cup of coffee. She in turn paid it forward to the next person." Then it just kept going and stands where it is today at "3,560 customers paying it forward for other guests."

Wow! Isn't that just crazy awesome? See I told you if would make you feel good and restore your faith in humanity. there are still good people out there doing good deeds.

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