This story is too incredible not to tell.

A Chicago man took off and gave his seemingly new snow boots to a homeless man in tattered tennis shoes during his "Redline" commute on the CTA.

Check this out.

Jessica Bell told WGN that she witnessed this touching moment on Friday, Jan. 12th.

Here's what she posted on Facebook.


If you look closely, it appears that the homeless man was wearing two different shoes that were ill fitting.

Wow! I don't know about you but that act of kindness brings tears to my eyes.

I like what Ms. Bell said in her description of what she and several other CTA riders witnessed. "I'm inspired to continue to try to "be the change" and I pray you are too."

In words from Gandhi, that I coincidentally have in my office" that reminds everyday, that says: "Let's be the change we wish the world to see world."




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