An Oregon, Illinois bakery that's chock full of delicious goodies is striving to make a difference in the lives of others.

The Village Bakery on the corner of 3rd Street in Oregon's motto is "we're baking a difference."(WTVO)

Brion Brooks, Executive Director of Village of Progress in Oregon told WTVO that their bakery "helps those with special needs. The new bakery was formed to show case possibilities inside those who have disabilities."

Brooks says that "We're trying to give them a real world experience where they work with people without disabilities, to introduce them to the community."

He says that it's a way to not only "bake (make) a difference for the lives of the people that we employ, but we also bake a difference for the community, because they have a chance to embrace people that might not always be like them and I think the community is strengthened by that."

I think that's really cool. It's great way to show that even thought we are different we are all the same too.

To learn more about The Village Bakery and to see their tasty menu of baked goods, coffee, drinks and ice cream, click here or visit their facebook page:The Village Bakery.



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