During the holiday season when stores are especially crowded and everyone is focused on their wish list and gift items, it could be a perfect target for those wanting to cause chaos.

3 Ways to Stay Safe While Holiday Shopping

While out at the stores and shopping malls spending that hard-earned money to buy gifts for your family and friends, don't become a victim of theft that would ruin your entire Christmas.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while out shopping in crowds this holiday season:

  • Try not to carry large amounts of cash.
  • Carry any valuables in your front pocket, or in a bag that you can wear across your body, according to Uncharted Supply Co.
  • Stay alert when approaching your vehicle in case someone is waiting to take your items when you're not expecting them.

What Do Color Codes Mean on Store Announcements?

When you're at Schnucks or Jewel doing your grocery shopping, it's not uncommon to hear an announcement over their speakers about a shopper needing assistance in the produce department, or a clean-up needed in the cereal section.

Some Wal-Mart's have started making announcements using color codes to let employees and guests know of a situation inside the store.

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For instance, a Code Black would be called when there's severe weather like a tornado approaching. When a Code Blue is announced, that means there has been a bomb threat made at the store.

What does Code Brown mean, and What Should You Do?

If you're in any store or shopping mall and an announcement is made that includes a "code brown," that's a warning for a shooting threat inside of the store.

According to MSN, a "code brown" could also mean there's a violent act in progress that doesn't necessarily involve a firearm.

If you hear a code brown, get out fast if you can and call 911.

A ‘Code Green’ is an active hostage situation, according to MSN.

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