If you thought it would be fun to go as a creepy clown for Halloween this year, don't go to target. All clown masks have been removed from the Illinois and Wisconsin stores.

ABC7 reports that Target Corporation made a decision to pull all clown masks from their store shelves across the nation, including Illinois and Wisconsin.

They started taking them down earlier last week, in light of the scary creepy clown phase that has seemed to have blown up over night.

The company did leave a few masks available for purchase on-line but said that they decided "to pull back on the number" of masks available.

The store will also still have the clown outfits for purchase but not the masks.

Wow! Now that says a lot for Target to make that kind of move.

I fully support their decision. I'm sorry but I see nothing remotely cool about these creepy clowns whatsoever.

In fact, over the weekend I was at Great America for their Fright Fest and their seemed to be tons of creepy clown figures set up around the park, let alone the ghoulish figures that walked the parked as it got dusky. They really did scare the little kids with families trying to make their way to the exit gate. Ick! No thank you, I'm so not a fan. Never and never will be.