According to, Last month, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker shut down a Sterigenics plant in Chicago after finding that large concentrations of Ethylene Oxide, a cancer causing chemical was detected in the area around the plant. Sterigenics used the chemical to sterilize medical equipment. Last Friday, The Illinois Department of Health released a report with some rather scary findings. The report found that women and girls living near the plant had higher than the expected rates of certain cancers.

Sterigenics, the Oak Brook based company now says that the state lacks information about other potential cancer factors and went on to say that there are other sources for Ethylene Oxide, like vehicle exhaust. When it come to the politics of it all, officials from both parties say that the report provides strong evidence that a Sterigenic's plant should not be located in highly populated areas. These days it seems like everything is out to get you, but knowing where these dangerous locations and high cancer causing chemical concentrations are will surely help us all.

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