From 1968 until 2018, drivers who trekked along Northern Illinois from Wisconsin likely passed the same memorable landmark. For decades it was impossible to travel along the I-90/E. State Street (Rockford) corridor without knowing the time. It's safe to say hundreds of thousands, if not millions, spotted the iconic Clock Tower that once stood tall.

Double T - Clock Tower Resort
Clock Tower Resort

The Clock Tower resort only hosted hotel guests and offered multiple restaurants. The location also served as a gathering for conferences, weddings, and a variety of events. It was a booming location for many years. Over time, the clock itself became an iconic piece of Rockford's history.

"What time is it???

Despite being a memorable landmark in the area, the clock became a standing joke for many Illinois residents, pun intended. As time passed it also stood still, that is if you were looking at the clock for the actual time. Changes in ownership seem to be the reason behind the lack of maintenance. For years the clock displayed the same time. Was it sad for Rockfordians or people proud of the clock? Possibly. I mean a lot of cars pass through that area every day. Considering how long the clock went without repair calling it an eyesore would be a valid argument.

Clock Tower Missing
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There was an attempt by a former Rockford radio personality to save the physical Clock Tower, going as far as working on it himself. Ultimately, it didn't matter as its demise was imminent.

The clock wasn't the only problem though. During the property's final years there was a shooting that occurred, the indoor water park would shut down, and the entire property would eventually be condemned.

On August 1, 2018, the last stand piece of the Clock Tower Resort, the tower itself, was knocked down.

Although it was sad to see it go, the future is bright for the property as it will be the spot of Rockford's Hard Rock Casino, Hotel, and Convention Center.

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