For the past 4 months, things being canceled in and around Rockford have been related to COVID-19 so this is a first in my life. A well-attended family-friendly event in Rockford has to be canceled because people do not know how to behave. As shared earlier, Rockford City Market organizers have canceled this week's event due to some protestors being problematic.

We are saddened at the environment that has existed during the last few Fridays at the Market and are concerned about the proximity of vendors and market goers to the protestors who have been and continue to be very aggressive and disruptive with their actions.

Before being quick to just protestors, remember this. There is nothing wrong with truly peaceful protests, regardless of whether or not you agree with their message. As long as it nonviolent, non-threatening, or whatever issue brings harm to others (physically or mentally) there is nothing wrong with peaceful protests. But, in this case, there are individuals that are abusing the right to protest. Quite frankly, it's disgusting and bringing a bad name to those peaceful protestors.

In light of City Market canceling tonight's event, the CIty of Rockford has released a statement on this disappointing news via Facebook.

It is a shame that the protesters’ past behavior, coupled with their recent rhetoric indicating they will be more aggressive, led the operators to this decision.

Perhaps the most hard-to-swallow statement is the following,

In recent weeks, protesters have refused to comply with lawful orders to cease certain behavior, and appear unwilling to do so without our officers having to use physical force. Using force puts our citizens and officers in danger and a situation we chose to avoid at the market.


You can read the CIty's full statement HERE.

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