Every kid loves Chuck E. Cheese. However, in order to get the kids you have to attract their parents. Right? The restaurant chain is changing up their menu to bring in more  customers.

NBC5 Chicago reports that the restaurant is "expanding its food and beverage options in an effort to win over millennial parents, but the new offerings may be a little different than what we think."

For starters their kitchen is serving several limited-time food items which include "a Mac-Cheesy pizza, that's available now through the end of the year. They've also "revamped the menu by adding gluten-free pizza and thin crust to help lure in young parents with their children."

"Chuck E. Cheese's is also offering seasonal beers and local or craft brews, which will vary by location based on guest feedback. Wine options will also available."

Some locations for a time had offered specialty coffees and lattes, but the demand wasn't their for those so the company decided to offered a variety of Keurig K-Cups of flavored coffees instead.The main reason for this change is because, according to the company, "the average child wants to visit Chuck E. Cheese once a month, but parents are only interested in taking them there about three times a year".

I may not be a parent, but of my times going there with nieces and nephews these offerings wouldn't get me to go more. Maybe I'm not the right person to ask though. I think those mechanical singing animals are creepy and annoying.

How about you? Would it make you want to go? Do you think these changes will attract more parents to take their kids there?