Ever wonder how your favorite country stars spend Christmas morning? Here are their traditions and some of the fun they will be having this Christmas.

Thanks to People.com, we get to go one on one with the stars to get the inside scoop of Christmas plans.

Trisha Yearwood and her hubby Garth Brooks have two difference plans. "I have the kids every other year for Christmas morning, so it just depends. If it's kids, actually, I'm the first one to wake anyone up – I turn into like the biggest kid on Christmas.

You would think that the kids would be up at the crack of dawn, but I'm actually up earlier than they are. I make noises in the kitchen, like banging stuff, just to get people up. I love it, they run in the living room and there's paper everywhere. If it's just us two, it really is mostly spent in bed. We don't get out much, it's like go down, get food, exchange gifts in bed, but we don't really get out of it till the kids come over. So it's kind of nice too!"

Cassadee Pope: I celebrate with my family in West Palm Beach, Florida. My mom still puts things out for my sister and me from 'Santa.' I'm 25 and my sister is 28, but on Christmas morning, we all believe in Santa Claus.

Chase Bryant: I celebrate at home in Orange Grove, Texas, but my brother just built a house in Lubbock so we're going there. When we were kids, my mom and dad used to line us up in the hallway then bring us in. I'm 22 years old and we still do that! And then a big breakfast after we open presents.

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Brett Eldredge: I'm going home to my hometown, Paris, Illinois, for Christmas. It's the same every year, nothing ever changes, which is what I love about it. In a business where everything changes constantly, I love that Christmas at home is the same. Every year on Christmas Eve my aunts cook amazing foods and my mother is the best baker out there, so we eat a lot. Christmas morning I get out my guitar and sing Christmas carols. That is the only time I'll work on Christmas, to sing for my family.

Chris Young: My whole family is here in Nashville. We always trim the family tree together. My mom and sister get in there and bake sugar cookies to decorate and my dad gets out the chainsaw and cuts up firewood. It's pretty Norman Rockwell. It's fun. On Christmas morning we get everybody in the corner of the room with the tree and presents and distribute all the gifts and we wait until all the gifts are passed out – then it's mass chaos. I love it.

Sara Evans: Just like my mother always did, I make a huge, like really huge, Christmas breakfast. It's really our main Christmas food. We open presents and then I make every breakfast food you can imagine.

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Scotty McCreedy: Mom makes the breakfast pie and the cinnamon rolls. We eat really healthy all year and don't eat that way normally but on Christmas we get a pass and we eat all that good bad stuff.

Dustin Lynch: All the guys in the Lynch family get a present from 'Cousin Eddie' and it has something to do with the movie Christmas Vacation. It's given anonymously other than it's from Cousin Eddie. It could be a dead squirrel, reindeer mug or Jell-o with cat food in it.

Maddie & Tae's Tae Dye: "My family doesn't let us see the room that the presents are in. Whatever room it's in, they put a sheet over the wall and as soon as they open the sheet, it's 'Surprise!' And I tried to make this a tradition – last year I dressed my cat up in a Santa suit but I don't think it's going to happen again this year cause she was not having it."

Maddie & Tae's Maddie Marlow: "We're in south Texas and our big tradition is we go hunting all together as a family for dove, deer, quail. We all have our camo on and it's pretty awesome. And then we watch A Christmas Story every year."

Sounds like fun for all. Whatever your traditions are, it's all about the reason for the season. It's about family, bonding, and building memories for a lifetime. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas to all and to y'all, good night.