The staff here at Q98.5 has unofficially designated the song "Buy Me a Boat" as the first official summer song of 2015. At least, it was my suggestion.

Chris Janson clealy has summer on his mind in debut and his first music video where he hangs with his family and best buds by the water. Except something is missing.

According to Rolling Stone magazine the video was  shot in Joelton, Tennessee, and directed by P.R. Brown who also directed Carrie Underwood's "Two Black Cadillacs".

In the video Chris stands in a bass boat, singing, playing guitar and getting wet

All Janson is wants: a pickup truck and, of course, a boat.

Jason told Rolling Stone

We wanted to write a lifestyle piece that not only us but other people can identify with. We tried to write it to America and people who live normal lifestyles. I am that guy.