Being single during the holidays is awful. Chipotle is making it way better this holiday season.

Ok, so actually Chipotle is only hooking you up with free food if you're attempting to be un-single. Or at least if you're using the Hinge app.

Hinge is like an upper-crust dating app. Not that you have to be upper-crust to use it, it's just way more involved than Tinder, and probably produces better dating opportunities because of that.

So Hinge and Chipotle are getting together and hooking you up with a BOGO deal, you know free food for you or your date.

If you want to eat Chipotle on a date. Meh, I dunno about that, but I mean free food is always great.

According to AOL, Hinge users will get an email with the deal this week and can use the BOGO until the end of the year.

So if you're not single and you want free food just tell your significant other you have to download Hinge real fast.

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