For several years the Eternal Indian Statue, also known as Chief Black Hawk, which resides in Oregon's Lowden State Park, has been in terrible disrepair. It took a LONG time to get the funds and team together to restore him, but he's finally done, and they did an amazing job!

Just check out these cool drone photos that Blackhawk Waterways Tourism In Northwest Illinois shared on Facebook...


Now, I must admit something. When I first looked at those amazing pictures, the one thing that stuck out immediately to me was the little box that is resting on Chief Black Hawk's arms.

Chief Black Hawk


Has it always been there and I've never seen a picture where it was visible before? Apparently, I am not the only one asking the same question because several people commented on the post with the very same question. The answers people were giving though, vary.

Some people said it's a vent that allows condensation to escape the hollow inside of the statue, and others said it was a platform that people used to be able to climb up to from the inside.

Do you know what the "box" is for? Have you heard something different? Inquiring minds want to know.

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