York Community High School in Elmhurst, IL took major heat on social media yesterday for an exhibit they displayed as part of a lesson on First Amendment rights. Considering the current turmoil going on over respect for the flag and our National Anthem, I gotta say, this was not the best laid lesson plan. Literally.

Here's the sight that greeted anyone who stepped into the library at York Community High School on September 26 that was posted on Facebook by an unhappy parent.

No surprise people weren't happy after seeing that. Many were irate over the blatant "disrespect" for our Nation's flag, while others defended the school and the message they were trying to demonstrate. That message by the way, according to York High School's Principal Erin DeLuga, was to "explore the complexities of the constitutionally protected right of free speech by examining real cases".

Hmm. I'm all about unique ways of teaching valuable lessons, and I do respect what they were trying to convey, I just think their timing for this type of lesson was way off.

The school did release a statement on their Facebook page yesterday to apologize for upsetting people, and to explain what they were trying to accomplish with this demonstration.

So, what say you? Was the lesson totally out of line, or do you see the value in it?


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