Things may look slightly different for Thursday night football between the Bears and Packers.

This is what you're going to see.

In light of of our country being divided now more than ever, the Green Bay Packers are taking a stance to show solidarity and unity for all.

Released on their website and their facebook page the Packers have a very important message for their fans.


It's the teams hope that by standing and linking arms that "It will represent a coming together of players who want the same things that all of us do-freedom, equality, tolerance, understanding, and justice for those who have been unjustly treated, discriminated against or otherwise treated unfairly."

Honestly, I think what they're doing is the right thing to do.

In order for us as a country to move forward and to keep progressing we need to stand together, we need to look out for each other and have concern for our fellow man. It's not up to the politicians to make this happen it all starts with us. The everyday people who make this country what it is, the greatest country in the world. We need to build each other up and not tear each other down.

A fire starts with a small spark and we are the sparks. Our actions today determine the course of tomorrow. Let's be the ones who make a difference for the better.




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