Seven-year-old Hailey Dawson was born with a rare congenital disease called Poland Syndrome that caused her to have only 2 fingers on her right hand. She has since been outfitted with a special 3-D printed hand, and now she wants to put it to good use.

You see, Hailey LOVES baseball and has taught herself to hold and throw a baseball with her 3-D printed hand, so she wants to show off the accomplishments of her hard work at every MLB park in the country.

Last week the Bleacher Report caught wind of Hailey's dream, and they decided to help her accomplish it...

Safe to say it worked. Several MLB teams have already responded with special invitations for Hailey, including the Chicago Cubs and White Sox.


Brewer fans, no worries, your team has stepped up too.

I'm assuming most of Hailey's appearances will be happening next season, but you can follow the whereabouts of "Hailey's hand" on her Instagram page now. 

Throw if hot, Hailey!


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