With the playoffs looming closer, the Chicago Blackhawks are looking pretty shaky.

If something doesn't happen soon they could be making history in the NHL, but it's the way we fans want them too.

NBC Chicago shared that with the Blackhawks looking at "13 points out of [gaining] a wild card spot with 14 games left to go in the season" they seriously could be making an historical moment in the NHL.

Historical why? Well because they will be missing out on being in the playoffs in over a decade. Over 10 years with the dream team and it's quite possible that they won't be going.

No, no, NOOOOOO! We just can't have this.

If this happens, I shutter to think of it, at least they won't be alone.

Yes the Hawks will have company.

They will be joined by "their fellow Original Six club member Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Canadiens, are on the outside looking into the playoff picture. The Blackhawks are 13 points out of a wild card spot with 14 games left to go in the season, and the Red Wings are 12 points out in the Eastern Conference. The Canadiens find themselves 14 points out of a spot with 15 games left to go."

If this should happen for these three missing the playoffs, well they will go down as being the "first time in NHL history that they’ve all missed the postseason in the same year."

I'm all for making history, but not this way.

I know maybe I'm holding out for lost hope, but we've seen this team look like their down and out and they've come back. That's what I'm hanging on to.

So lets get out our rally caps, turn them inside out, wear your lucky socks, underwear, or your jersey/ sweaters backwards, etc... Our Hawks need our good juju vibes right now.

Let's Go Hawks!!!




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