From the man that gave us "Try not to suck" now offers words of wisdom to the Chicago Bears new head coach.

So what sage advice does Matt Nagy get from Joe Maddon?

"Just be yourself". (WGN)

Yep that's it. Plain, simple and to the point.

"Maddon said. “The one thing that I found when I came to Chicago (is) that I thought my hometown of Hazleton was a microcosm of this city and the people here. Very inviting, open folks, passionate about their sports and Bears football, so I wish you nothing but the best. But all I can say: Just be yourself.”

Well it might not be what I was expecting to hear. I thought he would have something sort of tongue in cheek rather smart but to funny to say.

Honestly though, it is a refreshing piece of advice from a man who well knows the what it's like to be up against a wall and a team that has many obstacles to overcome to get back to the road to greatness.

So Matt Nagy, heed those words from a man who knows. Just be yourself.

Actually that's something we should all have as our life motto.



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