Opposite worlds collide as Chicago bar hosts the Slurring Bee combining the sports of drinking and spelling.

If you really think about it, drinking alcohol is a universal thing. People all over the world booze it up. I think where the difference comes in is how different cultures do it. I mean what kind of game do they play to get drunk. Through the years, I've seen and heard of many different kinds of competitions used to catch a buzz. Nothing really surprises me anymore. Well, until now. I believe this could become the ultimate drinking game.

I'm talking about the Slurring Bee. It happens at Reggie's in Chicago. According to their website, this is how it works.

"Pay 5 bucks to compete. Receive your first Slurring Bee Shot. (Don’t worry; it’s like, a sugary delicious shot.) Shoot it. Spell something. For every round you stay standing, you’ll receive another free specialty Slurring Bee nectar. Keep spelling till we crown a queen (or king) bee! The winner receives half the pot, fabulous bee-themed prizes and their picture immortalized on our Wall of Fame, plus automatic placement in our Tournament of Champions!"

The next session is scheduled for Thursday, February 13th. It takes place every second Thursday.

For more info, HERE.

Why don't they show this on ESPN? I would definitely watch it.

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