Sunday's shooting incident at the CherryVale Mall was the second in a months time, so the Mall has released a statement about increased security with the hopes of calming some of the public's fears and questions.

I live just a few minutes away from the CherryVale Mall, so the fact that shootings keep happening there is increasingly terrifying and infuriating. I know that these incidences are not the Mall's fault, but I'd be lying if I said I couldn't wait to go shopping there today.

CherryVale Mall retailers are already speaking out about affected sales, even though many frequent mall shoppers are saying these incidences will not keep them away. Either way, the CherryVale Mall is not taking security lightly.

According to WTVO Eyewitness News, CherryVale Mall officials released a statement Monday saying;

We maintain a close relationship with the Cherry Valley Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies. We work with them to plan for situations such as this one – running drills so they are familiar with mall corridors, entrances, and back hallways and performing lockdown drills with retailers on a regular basis.


Yesterday as the incident evolved the management team utilized MallCast, an internet based messaging system, to communicate updates to retailers in real-time. Social media was used to communicate the status of the lockdown to customers and media outlets looking for updates as the situation progressed. We constantly evaluate our security procedures and make adjustments as necessary. Some measures are visible while others are not. However, it is important to note that there has been an increased presence in police and security officers patrolling the inside and outside of the property. We utilize interior and exterior hi-definition security cameras. Mall management will also continue to conduct scheduled training sessions and drills to increase preparedness in the case of an emergency.


As a community gathering place and regional destination for visitors, Cherryvale Mall strives to engage families with meaningful events and to expose visitors to the businesses and organizations that make the Rockford Region so vibrant. We constantly review our security measures and will continue to work hand-in-hand with local law enforcement.

CherryVale Mall officials have not said how many additional security professionals have been added at this time, but we should feel some comfort that they are taking our safety VERY seriously.

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