Did you know that there's an abandoned missile site that's about two hours from Rockford?

Check this out!


Growing up in the 80's, we were all aware of the cold war, nuclear missiles and possible Russian attacks, but I had no idea a missile site was this close to us.

Just two hours from Rockford, outside of Chicago in Hegewisch, IL you will find an abandoned Nike Missile Site C-44.


In fact Chicago had a fortress of nuclear missile sites surrounding it, for just in case we were attacked by the Russians.

Just look at the map below.




It's amazing to see these sites nestled into quite unassuming forested places, and never really knowing about them until now.

It's almost kind of creepy how stealthily our government put these sites in under our unsuspecting eyes. Makes me kind of wonder what else they're doing in the background to keep us safe?



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