If you love books and love getting good deals then you need to check out the Rockford Public Library book Sale this Friday!

The Rockford Public Library is holding their First Friday Book Sale on Friday, May 1st from 10am - 4pm. The books will be set up in the Main Library Patron Lounge, which is located at the libraries main branch - 215 N. Wyman Street.

This means for you avid readers or for your kids you can get great deals on new and used fiction, non-fiction books and audio books.  According to this WREX article the books will cost 25 cents.

Yes you read that right books will cost you only a quarter. You can't get anything for a quarter these days, but Friday you can get books for that.

This would be perfect for stocking up for summer vacation to have a lazy day reading by the pool or on the porch. Better yet it is a good way to give your kids a time out and away from video games and the computer by setting aside a quiet reading time, everyday.

Hmmm, I wonder if I should keep this a secret from my parents? They have tons of books and read more everyday. I guess that's why I love reading. I grew up surrounded by books. Seriously, if my parents ever move we'll have to have our own book sale. Yes, there's that many books in there den, let alone in boxes in their attic.

I wonder is they have my favorite author, John Grisham, in the for sale pile? I love his books. I guess maybe a call to the library or rather a trip to the sale Friday might do me some good.




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