There is a tool library in Illinois, did you know they were a thing?

Working On A Home Improvement Project

I will straight out admit it. I am not a handy person. Luckily, my wife is very handy. In fact, all the tools at our house belong to her. Sometimes, she will let me use them but I have to promise to be very careful. Also, I have a couple of buddies that know what they are doing, so I can get them to help me out.


On the rare occasion that I am working on a home improvement project, there is one thing that seems to happen to me each time. That is not having all the proper tools or materials needed for it. That means a trip to the hardware store.


Taking A Trip To The Hardware Store

I prefer to hit up a smaller local place, but they do now always have everything I am looking for. You can easily get lost in one of the big box stores. The one thing I know for sure is by the time I walk out, my wallet is going to be much lighter.


Also, YouTube is a great source for information on how to do things but sometimes you just want to discuss it with a professional. There is not always that person available at a retail location.


Only if there was a place where you could get some helpful pointers and be able to borrow tools instead of buying them. Plus, using your friend's tools can be a little awkward at times. Well, I just heard about this exact type of place.


Have You Ever Heard Of A Tool Library

I like to learn something new every day and today is a big one. Have you ever heard of a tool library? Me either. I can not believe I have been missing out on this incredible resource.

What Is A Tool Library?

According to the Chicago Tool Library Facebook page, 

"The Chicago Tool Library is a community nonprofit tool lending library whose mission is to provide equitable access to tools, equipment, and information to allow all Chicagoans to learn, share, and create."

How Does It Work?

It works the same way as a regular library but instead of books, there are tools. You sign up for a membership. Then you check out whatever item you need. Return it when you are finished. Nice and easy. There is also staff around to help with any questions.

I think we definitely need our own tool library in the Rockford area. For more info, HERE.

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