Jay Cutler's future in pro football is up in the air right now, but the former Chicago Bear starting quarterback doesn't have to worry about finding a job because he will make his reality show debut with his wife, Kristin Cavallari.

I'm a diehard Chicago Bears fan.

I had big expectations when they traded for quarterback, Jay Cutler.

He turned out to be a major disappointment.

Plus, he came off as kind of a jerk and that didn't go over well with the fans.

A Jay Cutler press conference was like a trainwreck. I wanted to turn it off, but I just couldn't do it. He was so arrogant, it was humorous.

His current situation is he's a free agent. There is the talk of retiring but nothing as of yet. His best football scenario would be like the situation last season. A starter gets hurt and is lost for the year. Then a team brings him in as a fill in.

If no one signs him or he decides to retire, Cutler won't have to hurry up and find a new job.

It was announced a few months ago, his wife would have her own reality show and Jay would be involved with it.

The former Bear is married to Kristin Cavallari who starred in "Laguna Beach," part of MTV's reality TV programming.

Here's a preview of the show which is called "Very Cavallari."

Video: Kristin Cavallari Is Now Putting Her Career First | Very Cavallari | E!

If you dare to check out this mess, it premieres this Sunday, July 8th on E!.

I'm sure it will feature classic Jay Cutler attitude.

Maybe the reality TV fans will love a guy like him.


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