It's been an interesting few weeks in Chicago sports. The Chicago Blackhawks have made significant moves ahead of next season, the Bulls are in draft mode, and we're all aware of the Cubs moving team-favorite, Anthony Rizzo, to New York in an unsurprising move. The Chicago Bears are making headlines too.

It seems like the same old dance for decades, the constant conversation about Da Bears quarterback situation. This week is no different.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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Not too long about there were many conversations about Jay Cutler, then Mike Glennon comes into the picture along with the  2017 draft-bust Mitchell Trubisky. With Glennon and Captain Bust came a circus surrounding who would start. They both sucked, leaving both QBs to eventually leave Chicago.

Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears
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Bears' fans are back in similar conversations after the team signed quarterback Andy Dalton and drafted Justin Fields. Fields has a lot of hype surrounding him, A LOT. Sure, there was some hype around Trubisky but because of the head-scratching trade to move up, which proved to be a bust.

Chicago Bears Training Camp
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There have been talks about both Dalton and Fields talk about "earning" the starting position, but with the $10 million deal attached to Dandy Andy, it would be a waste of money to not put him on the field. Still, many fans are pushing for Fields to start.

Andy Dalton dropped this nugget to the press about the hype surrounding rookie Justin Fields, proving he ain't scurred.

I’m not worried about all the stuff that’s going to be going on with Justin because that doesn’t affect me. At the end of the day, it’s what I’m going to be doing and everything.

Read his full statement here.

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