Here's a new mascot proposed by a student for the University of Illinois.

We now live in a "Politically Correct" world. The whole idea is to not offend people.

In recent times, sport team nicknames have been attacked. Several were established many years ago. They don't fit anymore. Especially, when it comes to Native American references.

One targeted was the University of Illinois and their Chief Illiniwek. The NCAA banned that mascot in 2005. The school is still allowed to use the names "Illini" and "Fighting Illini."

I believe since the change, the athletic teams have lost some of their identity.

Well, a student has an idea to change that.

According to,

"University student Mike Skibski, sophomore in Business, is presenting his design for a new school mascot to the University Board of Trustees as a public comment. The proposed mascot is named Champ, and it represents University students who died in World War I. Champ resembles a WWI doughboy with an Illini twist, wearing a helmet with a Block I and carrying a billowing Illini flag."

Here's a picture from the Daily Illini Twitter page...

I like it. Anytime you can honor the military, it's a good thing.

What do you think?


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