Rockford's attempt to get a casino receives support from Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick.

When I meet people from out-of-town and they find out I'm from Rockford, they immediately mention, "That's where that Clock Tower is, right?" I, unfortunately, have to answer, "Not anymore."

Folks from the area ask me, "What's going in at the old Clock Tower property?" I reply hopefully a casino.

Seriously, the city wants a casino. The only problem is convincing Springfield.

The Rockford casino push has stepped up its game.

According to,

"Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen traveled to Springfield on Wednesday to lobby lawmakers for a casino license for Rockford."

It doesn't hurt to have a member of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame as a supporter.

Hopefully, it helped. I would love to see one in town.

If it did happen, wouldn't it be great for the whole "Rick's Place" idea to come back to life?

Come on Mr. Governor. You're going to legalize recreational marijuana. Might as well add a Rockford casino in the mix.

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