According to the CDC, this wonderful smelling oil is this could be much safer and a more natural weapon than DEET.

Now before you confuse this oil with the little bottle you use in your diffuser, oil of lemon eucalyptus is different than lemon eucalyptus essential oil. Both can be used as an insect repellant, however, the essential oil version is made with steam distilling and contains very small amounts of PMD, the ingredient that gives this oil is bug-repelling power.

According to, oil of lemon eucalyptus is made from leaves of Eucalyptus citriodora.

Mosquito repellents that contain oil of lemon eucalyptus are pretty affordable. According to, Look for a product that lists "oil of lemon eucalyptus" as the active ingredient, like Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent and Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent. Both can deliver up to six hours of protection, but make sure to reapply after that.

To get you started on your search for oil of lemon eucalyptus mosquito repellant, here are my quick Google search results.

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