It's not every day that a local news anchor becomes a fashion icon, but that's precisely what happened to Mike Curkov from CBS 58 in Milwaukee.

In a hilarious twist of events, Curkov unknowingly walked around the news set with a security tag still attached to his suit, thanks to a forgetful employee.

But rather than panic, Curkov embraced the situation and turned it into a fashion statement.

Whitney Martin via Facebook
Whitney Martin via Facebook

As Curkov delivered the latest morning news, one small plastic tag dangling from his suit jacket may have gone unnoticed by the average viewer. If it was missed by viewers, good.

There is no shortage of social media trolls who might claim the suit was stolen. In this case, a forgetful employee removed the tag, but still, the situation was amusing.

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We can only hope, as the day went on, Curkov continued to wear the suit with the tag intact, earning him a legion of fans who appreciated his lighthearted approach to the situation.

Is it possible the tag had become a good luck charm, as Curkov delivered one flawless news story after another?

Did Mike Curkov just make security tags cool? 100%, yes.

Whitney Martin via Facebook
Whitney Martin via Facebook

Whether or not the security tag has been removed, the memory of his fashion-forward moment lives on, and he's become something of a style icon in the local news world.

So next time you're getting dressed and notice a small plastic tag on your clothing, don't panic – be like Mike. Just embrace it as Mike Curkov did. Who knows, you might just start a new trend.

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