Hey everyone, I want to introduce you to my cat Millie.

Millie was a stray that I took in 5 years ago and she's been my constant companion almost a shadow since the day I brought her home.She follows me everywhere

In honor of National Adopt a Cat month, I thought I'd show her off to and give you a few good reasons why cats are the best teachers.I found this article written from a cat (Wellington's')s point of view to be quite funny in why we should adopt a shelter cat.

Here are just a few reason why Cats make the best teachers:

1. Cats teach us to get plenty of rest. You see them cat napping but when they're awake they're ready for action.

2. Cats teach us about being curious and learning new things.

3.Cats teach us patience. Ever see a cat watching for a long time time at something. They will wait until they get what they want.

Here's the link to read more of Wellington's reasons for adopting a cat.

I can honestly say, Millie has taught me these things and also provided a lot of humor to my day. I love that little fur ball.

The Winnebago County Animal Shelter is offering cat adoptions for cats 1 year and older for just $5 this month and a free micro-chipping service on June 21st. To learn more visit www.wcasrock.org