This cat most definitively used one of her nine lives after nearly dying when seeking warmth in a truck's engine.

Meet Celia a young cat who was in the wrong place at the wrong time just because she wanted to keep warm.


Poor Celia was a stray suffering through the bitter cold Chicago temps. To seek heat, she climbed inside the warm engine compartment of a pickup truck. Unfortunately, the driver did not realize she was there and started his car. Celia became entangled in the fan belt, causing neurological trauma leading to seizures and an extremely low body temperature. Chicago Animal Care & Control exhausted their medical options and called PAWS for help. Celia was rushed to the PAWS Chicago Medical Center on Saturday, and wasn’t expected to live through the night. She received oxygen, IV fluids and medication for her seizures. The fan belt caused lacerations and bruises on her feet and abdomen, which were treated with laser therapy. Thankfully, this 1-year-old girl is a survivor and is doing great! She is very loving and will purr for pets. To make a contribution towards Celia’s care, or to help another sick and injured animal receive urgent medical care, visit the link in our bio. Please remember: Outdoor cats often look for heat by crawling under the hoods of cars. Before starting your car in the cold weather, bang on the hood or fender of the car or honk the horn a few times before turning on the engine.

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According to PAWS Chicago (ABC7)  they are reminding residents to check their engines before starting them during these cold winter days. Bang on the hood or honk the horn a couple of times to make sure they're are no cats or other small animals curled up in the engine compartment trying to seek shelter and warmth from the bitter winter weather.

How scary for this cute little bundle of awesomeness.

By the way PAWS Chicago is looking for a foster home for little Celia to recover until she's ready for adoption in a few weeks. They said that "she'll need to be kept in a small area and with someone that can monitor her recovery. If you're interested in fostering Celia, you can send an email to"

They also mentioned on their Facebook page that they are in need of funds to "contribution towards Celia’s care, or to help another sick and injured animal receive urgent medical care." Read below how you can help.






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