Carrie Underwood released her mega-hit "Before He Cheats" in 2006, and both the song and its music video quickly became a smash -- no pun intended. The No. 1 song tells the story of a woman who gets some good, old-fashioned revenge on a cheating boyfriend by keying his car, taking a baseball bat to its taillights and autographing its leather seats ... with a knife.

Like every good song, there are plenty of stories behind the creation of both "Before He Cheats" and its accompanying music video. A segment for VH1's Pop-Up Video highlighted some of the best behind-the-scenes factoids from the filming of the clip, and the Boot's partner site, Taste of Country, has compiled a collection of little-known facts about the track (press play above to watch the full video).

For example, one of the video's most badass moments also happens to have been a spontaneous one: In the middle of filming, a real-life drunk guy -- nope, not an actor! -- stumbled out in front of Underwood. Instead of letting it derail the take, however, the country star simply shoved him out of the way, and the result was totally in keeping with the theme of the song.

There's much more to learn about the backstory of "Before He Cheats": For example, if Underwood had done as much damage to a car as her character does in the video, she could be convicted on felony charges and serve prison time. Also, when filming the video scenes where she had to hold a baseball bat, Underwood wound up swapping out a full-sized Louisville Slugger for a child-sized version, because her small hands looked silly holding the regular version.

Watch the video to learn more, including some facts about the real-life romances of the people behind the song (Hint: They're nowhere near as salacious!), and how the music video's director got Underwood to look so mean on camera.

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