It seems that more often than not more stores are closing these days. A lot of it is due to online shopping. Some stores figure if they can still sell their products without the high overhead of employees and a brick and mortar location that they'll be better off financially. Its kind of tough seeing the stores you've been shopping at for years suddenly closing it's doors.

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According to My,Shopko announced more store closures today after the companies chapter 11 Bankruptcy earlier this week. One change is that their Eye Center  locations will become stand alone stores by the end of 2019. They will also be closing another 38 stores. Luckily, stores in Freeport, Beloit, Belvidere and Dixson were not on the list.

Chief Executive officer Russ Steinhorst said " In a challenging retail environment, we have had to make some really tough choices but we are confident that by operating a smaller and more focused store footprint, we will be able to build a better Shopko that will better serve our customers". The company has secured around 480 million from lenders to help fund things through the Bankruptcy. Hopefully the locations near us plan to stay open for a long time.

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