We've all got a heavy load on our shoulders in the midst of this pandemic, but for parents with school-aged children, the worry and decisions that need to be made are almost too much to handle. Or maybe it is just me that feels that way?

Do we send our kids to school or do remote learning?

How do we pull off remote learning when the risks of in-person learning are just too much?

How will we make ends meets if we are forced to leave our jobs in order to keep our kids safe?

There's a whole bunch of impossible questions, with no right answers, so we just need to be confident the ones we are making are what's best for our family and quite second-guessing ourselves.

That being said, many families are literally having to choose between keeping their jobs and staying home with their kids doing remote learning. Obviously, the majority of families can't afford to quit their job in times like this, so is there federal help available?

The short answer is yes, but let's dive into the facts.

I've seen a lot of people sharing this picture on Facebook recently, and although it looks legit enough, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical...


So, as any good skeptic does, I headed to Google to find some answers. I then came across a USA Today article titled; "Fact Check: Expanded Federal Paid Leave Benefits May Be Available to Parents for E-Learning".

The article mentions the above flyer that has gone viral, and then it sets the record straight...

Is 12 weeks of family leave really on the table?

Yes, the information is real: if your child’s school building is closed, it is possible that you qualify for 12 weeks of extended family leave at two-thirds of your pay. However, there’s a little more to it.

The extended family leave comes with a number of exemptions and rules. Small businesses — any employer with fewer than 50 employees — do not have to offer their employees additional leave. On the other hand, private sector companies with more than 500 employees also don’t have to offer leave.

The other downer part? It looks like if your school district gave an in-person learning option, but your family chose the remote learning route, you won't be eligible for the federal benefits either.

Read more of the specifics about this expanded federal paid leave benefits, here.

Stay strong parents, we got this!

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