Just when you thought the strange food combinations from Burger King couldn't get any weirder, the burger joint does it again. They've added another cheesy coated item to their menu.

Move over Mac-n-Cheetos and Whooperito... Introducing for a limited time Cheetos Chicken Fries.

BK decided that the cheesy, "orangie" goodness of Cheetos and the crispy taste of their chicken fries were a perfect combination to tantalize your taste buds.

WGN reports that the cheesy chicken combo will be available for purchase this Wednesday for the cost of $2.89 for nine pieces or fries if you will.

Honestly, I want to know...what is it with putting Cheetos into Burger King's food? I don't get it!

Usually I'm game to try new and different foods, but I have to say I'm hesitant one this one. The last Cheetos combo I tried from Burger King, the Mac-N-Cheetos, weren't that great. They were super salty and mushy.

The box, however, is cool looking. I mean, who doesn't love Chester Cheetah?

Does this sound good to you? Will your be trying these?