With turkey being the star centerpiece of most Thanksgiving tables.

I'm wondering how many homes Rockford homes will serve the hottest trend in turkey this Thanksgiving on Thursday.

When I say "hottest" I mean hottest, as in hot in taste.

Reynolds, the makers of aluminum foil and oven bags, posted on their Reynolds Kitchen facebook page the hottest turkey recipe that consists of Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

Seriously, the turkey recipe calls for crushed up Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

Basically, you're crushing up the spicy hot Cheetos, brushing it with butter and coating your turkey in a breading of them.


According to the BuzzFeed article, the turkey comes out tender, juicy and yes spicy.

Hmmm... it's an interesting twist on Cheetos and turkey for sure.

Honestly, if you wanted to kick your turkey up a notch this would do it for you.

I'm thinking if you wanted to go for a less spicy and more cheesier taste you could just use regular Cheetos.

Reynolds also has a recipe to coat your turkey in cool ranch chips too. I believe that one would be right up Mark Charvat's alley using his beloved Doritos.

Click here to see all the recipes they have to make your Thanksgiving turkey the tastiest it's ever been and one that will really wow your guests.

So what do you say Rockford, will you be serving up this flaming hot turkey for your family this Thanksgiving?








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