A Janesville Wisconsin gun store owner says this year's hottest back to school item is bulletproof backpacks.

Backpacks in the store.

Owner of CTR Firearms, Chris Endres said that back in January he order 25 of these backpacks and they sold rather fast. He then placed a second order and that stock is now moving rather fast.

However Endres says that he's only sold about five locally, the rest have been sold and shipped throughout the United States.

CTR Firearms is one of the only local few gun shops that sell these bulletproof backpacks.

Endres said that he's been receiving calls from families with school-aged kids across the country asking about the backpacks.

Telling MyStateline.com:

"A grandmother called me from Florida and said her granddaughter was scared to go to school and she ordered three backpacks for all her granddaughters,"

With the national attention growing on recent school shootings, Endres is not surprised that with back-to-school shopping now happening parents are showing interest in this item.

Most that are purchasing these backpacks are doing so with the hope of never having to use them.

One group Endres didn't expect to be purchasing bulletproof backpacks are college students.

"Because the campuses are 'gun free zones,' so they're not supposed to carry, so the only thing they can do is protect themselves."

These backpacks sell for $150 and weigh close to three pounds.



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