These chilly fall days are perfect for hot chocolate, S'mores and bonfires.

Need help building the best bonfire?

Follow these simple Wiki How steps.

1. Pick a spot. This is the most important step. Make sure it's not too close to any tress, shrubbery or fences. No need to start a wild fire.

2. Search out plenty of dry leaves, grasses and twigs for kindling.

3. Dig a shallow pit. Make it as large as you need.

4. Surround the pit with bricks, stones or and old tire rim.

5. Place your wood logs and kindling in the pit. Stack the wood in a pyramid form and pile the kindling in the middle.

6. Ignite the fire using lighter fluid and matches. Lighting the kindling first.

7. Set up some lawn chairs or invite your friends to bring their own.

8. Have that cooler nearby stocked with your favorite beverages. Or get your thermos all ready with hot chocolate.

9. Get your food ready. Whether it's marshmallows for S'mores or hot dogs, you need to have your roasting tines ready. Place a table nearby with all your fixings ready for making your bonfire treats.

10. When the party's over make sure to put out your fire. Use the water from your cooler or cover it with the dirt from when your dug the shallow pit.

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If I can't find that fire pit I saw in the Menards flyer, I going to be asking my landlord if I can build a fire pit. I'm so ready for sitting around the fire with friends.