I woke up this morning with a swollen eye, and redness in my right eye. The day before I was bitten by one of those flying Gnats that seem to dive bomb into your eyes, mouth, ears, everywhere this time of year. Here's a tip to keep 'em away. Seems Buffalo Gnats are at the highest levels of the year in the Stateline this month. These blood-sucking insects can bother humans, pets, poultry and more as they search for warmer waters.

According to the Regional University of Illinois Extension, the best way to fend them off is vanilla scents. Also Absorbine Junior has had success too. Banana Boat Sport Suntan lotion works. There's also a product called "Buggins" which is available in throughout the Stateline that can work too.

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Seems they will continue to emerge from moving water, creeks and streams until water temperatures increase above 75 degrees. They can fly up to ten miles away looking for food to lay their eggs. Human blood is their favorite meal.

Move over mosquitoes, I now have a new public enemy number one on my list.

Pass me one of those vanilla scented Christmas trees hanging from your rear view mirror please...